Wednesday, June 8, 2011


When will Mum be home wee Josh shouted to his Dad.  She´s coming up the road now his Dad called back
Josh jumped off the chair at the kitchen table and ran into the front room- He had to kneel up on the couch to see out of the window. He was just in time to see his Mum walking up the path. She was usually always carrying  one shopping bag full of all sorts, but today she had 2 bags. Josh ran to the door to meet her . Whats in the bags Mum - a surprise said Mum, but first lets put the shopping away.
The two bags were plonked down on the kitchen table. Josh looked into the first bag and saw that it was only shopping, milk, bread, a big bunch of bananas and 2 tins of beans. - He pointed to the second bag - is that shopping too Mum - look and see, his mum laughed back pushing the bag towards Josh. Before looking into the bag, Josh squeezed it hard with both hands. Its something soft, he said, looking at his Mum for a clue. His Mum reached into the bag and pulled out a teddy bear. - He looked so cute in his uniform sitting in the charity shop window, I just had to go in and buy him. Isnt he smart she said smoothing down the teddys clothes. Just then Josh´s Dad called out from the hall - I´m off to work you two - see you in the morning. Ok called Mum bye bye have a good night - Bye shouted Josh I´ll be ready for school when you come in. - Josh´s Mum was still holding the teddy. - He´s like a wee soldier isn´t he Josh, I thought you could put him beside your other toy soldiers and he could be chief soldier since he´s the biggest. - and we´ll give him a name once he´s spruced up and at that she opened the washing machine door and in went teddy soldier-
Josh looked at the washing machine. He could see the teddy going round and round in the soapy water.
I´m a big boy he thought to himself teddys are for babies.
Josh would soon find out that this teddy was a very very special teddy who already had an important name and that name was Captain Calum MacKenzie.     

Tuesday, June 7, 2011